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The coordinator who serves you at the salon is the top coordinator
who has an enough career and receives request from famous entertainers.

A representative of salon, Yoshiko KONO has 45 years experience of kimono, coordinated for a large number of famous people, such as an actress, Yoko NOGIWA, and also coordinated many TV shows. She will help you with a varied and original coordination.

Yoshiko KONO(kimono coordinator)

A representative of Yoshiko KONO salon, a kimono coordinator.
Has 45 years kimono career and received request from a large number of famous people.
Hobby is Noh play with Kanze school. Learned from a Noh player, Shiro NOMURA for 20 years.

Yoshiko KONO(kimono coordinator)


Born in Komagata, Tokyo.
Learned at and graduated from Wayo Women’s university, clothing department and Bunka Fashion College.


started to get into kimono world because of the late “ISHIZAKI Chuji kimono design center”.


established “KONO Yoshiko kimono salon”.
Has one son and two daughters.


participated in Asia United States benevolent fund foundation-sponsored “Japan kimono festival In Colorado” as a director. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Colorado governor, Yomiuri Newspaper etc. supported them, and also Saitama Newspaper, NHK, etc. were cooperated with. 15 million of the sales of the festival were contributed for the Asia United States benevolent fund foundation.


became exclusive kimono designer of the actress, Yoko NOGIWA and participated in TV drama, “Ajiichimonme”, “Trick” and “ASAMI Mituhiko series” and CM, movie, magazine, etc.

Yuka YOSHIZAWA (assistant of kimono coordinator)

An assistant of kimono coordinator, the second daughter of Yoshiko KONO.
Born in Tokyo, learned Business at college and experienced marketing at a company.
Learned Japanese dance of onoe school, kimono-wearing. Studied color coordinate of A.F.T2 level and learned how to run a business from her mother. Has 21 years kimono career.
A master of flower arrangement, a big fan of Kabuki.

【Things in common between mother and daughter】color sense

Yuka YOSHIZAWA (assistant of kimono coordinator)


quitted office lady and graduated an interior school.


became an interior coordinator of a housing manufacturer.


participated in Asia United States benevolent fund foundation-sponsored “Japan kimono festival”.


although succeeded as an interior coordinator, since interested in kimono color and being asked from the mother, decided to join “KONO kimono salon”.

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